We're proud to say that on average, every order placed covers the cost of one person's access to clean water for more than a month!

$4 from every purchase you make to goes to life-changing water projects that will help transform communities and generations to come.



So, why water?

As a community of athletes, we understand how important hydration is for athletic performance and recovery. Our ready access to clean water makes it difficult to imagine that 785 million people in the world live without clean water; that's more than 2x the population of the United States!

About the Water Crisis

If you're fortunate to have clean water, it can be hard to understand just how extreme the water crisis really is. Think about how often you use water in a typical day. A post gym morning shower. A cool bottle to drink. Washing the dishes. Even making your daily coffee. Now, imagine turning on the tap and rather than clean, cool safe water, mud comes out. Or worse yet, nothing at all. Imagine how difficult and time-consuming each daily task would become.

This is a daily reality for far too many people around the world today - most of whom are women and girls. Except they don’t even have taps, they have to walk—sometimes three or four hours a day to gather dirty water and bring it home in heavy jerry cans. Then they have to carefully choose the most essential uses for the little water they have. Access to clean water is perhaps the single most powerful tool for sparking economic growth that humanity has ever known.

With better access to clean water:

  1. Proper hygiene and sanitation can take place, which leads to better health.
  2. Preventable disease and child mortality are significantly reduced.
  3. Less time is consumed travelling to fetch unsafe water leading to more productive time in the classroom. Higher education leads to more productive communities.
  4. Local economies begin to improve and new businesses open; and
  5. Opportunities are born.

    Is the Water Crisis solvable?

    Frankly, yes! Just 1/3 of what the world spends on bottled water in a single year is enough to supply water to everyone in need. Let thank sink in. 

    So how can ANTE help?

    Our mission at ANTE is to empower every athlete [i.e everyone] to reach their potential across all pursuits. One of the most impactful ways we believe we can do this is by helping to end the water crisis. ASAP. That's why we'll donate $4 from every purchase you make goes to to life-changing water projects that will help transform communities and generations to come. On average, every order placed covers the cost for one person's access to clean water for more than a month.

    Over time, we'll help shape communities for the better, forever.

    We'll track every dollar we pledge on your behalf, and show you the projects you helped fund with photos and GPS. This is what we call:


    Team ANTE



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